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Character Reference - Michelle

Reference sheet for Michelle.

Elevator Pitch

Sentient portal in a catgirl meatsuit; also happens to be 13 years old (with all that entails).

Quick Facts

Name Michelle (that's it; no middle/last name)
Gender Agender Pronouns She/her or it/its
Species Sentient portal / catgirl Birthdate
Greatest Strength Relentlessly creative Worst Flaw It's 13 years old
Theme Song microchip by Oliver Buckland
Story Unnamed


Michelle is a sentient portal encased in the skin of a catgirl (gender neutral). She's fairly chaotic and runs with whatever seems fun at the time. She once stole someone's ax, swung it at a jug of cranberries, and left it in a Claire's to see what people would do about it- she felt a little bad for the janitor that had to clean up the mess, but people's puzzled reactions were entertaining enough to make it worth doing a few more times.

It's extremely obsessed with horses and will talk your ear off if you ask it about them. Cat memes and all their variations are another topic it can spend hours rambling about- it ships different cat memes together and will tell you all about how Smudge and Maxwell would be so cute together. In its free time, it likes to draw hybrid cat-horses. It uses owo-speak unironically half the time and spends the rest of the time saying "nya!" past the point of it being funny. Underneath the hoodie sleeves, its arms are absolutely covered in bangles and rubber band bracelets. In other words, it's 13 years old and living its best life.

The catgirl appearance is quite literally a meatsuit- sometimes parts of it pop off when yanked on, revealing what lies underneath. Fire, insect legs, weird shadowy shapes, a bunch of teeth, a perfect copy of your sister's face, salt water geisers, you name it- it's all under there somewhere. Michelle's a sack of indistinct stuff crammed into the shape of a catgirl like a bunch of nightmares in a trenchcoat. She's fine with it. Other people? Not so much.

Maybe it's a sentient portal. Maybe it's Maybelline Michelle.


Coming soon!

Portal Rules

  • Michelle is the portal.
  • The portal must be exposed to air to be usable as a portal.
  • The portal ordinarily fits entirely within the confines of Michelle's body. When contained in her body, it is not exposed to air.
  • The portal must be inside of some part of Michelle's body to continue existing.
  • There's a crack in the right half of Michelle's face. Its resting state is such that it's held closed like a healing cut would be, but it doesn't take much to open it. If it's open, then the portal is exposed to air.
  • Injuries to Michelle's body expose the portal to air.
  • Anything can come through the portal, but Michelle has no control over what comes through. She can't shut it down, either.
  • It's impossible to predict where the other side of the portal lets out. Its location changes frequently.
  • The portal goes both ways.


  • She outright refuses to wear shirts that don't have something to do with cats.
  • It's absolutely, 110% a horse girl. Daydreams about owning its own stable and riding horses all day. It's never actually been on a horse, though- animals tend to spook because of the whole portal thing.
  • Her favorite cat meme is the Loops cat (brother, may I have the loops).


Assorted Portal Critters
A surprising number of things come crawling out of Michelle's portal when it's exposed to air. She's friends with most of the regulars and on good terms with most of the rest.
It's still a dream of hers to go to a normal school and do normal preteen/teen things. She sees kids her age with a weird mix of jealousy and reverence.

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