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How I handle clothes

I've been trying to think more mindfully about my clothing. In the past, I had way more than I needed and hardly wore most of it, and it was hard to donate things I didn't wear because I might wear them one day (spoiler: I never did). It made it hard to find the clothing I enjoyed wearing, took up a lot of space, and was overwhelming. It felt like I was buried in clothing clutter. Some sort of change was needed, so I set about cleaning out my closet and rethinking how I pick my wardrobe.

I've adopted some principles from capsule wardrobes, which are based around having a limited number of pieces in your closet that all combine relatively well. I find it helps me keep my closet under control and allows me to get rid of clothes I don't wear. I have more items than seems typical for the average capsule wardrobe, but the core principle is assessing your needs and only keeping what fills those needs, and everything in my wardrobe is there for a reason. If I don't need it, I don't keep it. If something new comes in and I don't need another of that thing, the one I like least in that category gets donated.

To keep myself in control and ensure I like the clothing I have, I follow a set of rules when buying clothing or deciding whether to get rid of something:

Misc. clothing handling

I have a very hard time hanging clothing. It used to be a major problem; I had hampers full of clothes in my room because I couldn't make myself hang the shirts in them, so I couldn't put anything away. It made my room look messy. Eventually, I got sick of it and bought some drawers for my closet. I already had a dresser for most of my clothing, and between the dresser and the drawers, all of my clothes fit without hanging anything. I still hang one or two items because they'd wrinkle otherwise (the formal clothes), but everything else is in a drawer and I have no issues putting anything away now. As an added bonus, the size of the drawers helps limit how many pieces I can have, acting as further incentive to keep my wardrobe from exploding again.

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