Owl's Commissions


Status: Open

Do you want a theme for your character? Looking for background music for a game? Need an instrumental backing for your own song? I've been writing instrumental electronic music since 2014. I'm best at slower songs, but I'm capable of more intense pieces as well and always enjoy a chance to try something new.

If you'd like to hear samples of my music before commissioning me, then drop by my Radios page for a sampler. If you'd rather stay here, then here are two samples for you: song #1 and song #2.

I can also be found on Bandcamp. I have free streaming enabled for everything I've published there, so listen as much as you'd like.

Any commissioned songs are yours to use as you please. All I ask is that I be credited as the artist.

Contact me if you're interested and we'll talk through the details! Email is preferred, but Discord and XMPP are also options.


I'll gladly quote you a price if you shoot me an email, but I need to know two things to give you a quote:

  • The length of the song you want me to write (rough numbers or "I don't care" is fine).
  • How much time you want me to spend on your song ("I don't care" is fine).
Click if you'd like to know how I calculate my prices

You'll be charged for the average of these two amounts:

  • Flat fee: $10.00 USD per 30 seconds of music, rounded to the nearest 30-second mark.
  • Hourly: $17.00 USD per expected hour of work on your song, rounded to the nearest half-hour.

Regardless of the final price, $10.00 of the total is paid up-front once I start composing your song. I send samples as I'm working on songs to make sure that they match what you want, and while I wish I could trust everyone, some people do take off with the samples. The up-front fee ensures that I get paid for my time.


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Album Covers

Status: Open

Aside from writing music, I can also create album covers. This can be for a commissioned piece or one of your own- just give me an idea of what you'd like and I'll see what I can do!

Album covers are a flat fee of $20.

Sample album cover.


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